Engine 1532
Ladder 1535
2018 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant 10-foot’ rear-mount aerial. It is equipped with a four-door, six-seat climate-controlled cab, raised roof, and full-height rear doors. It is powered by a Detroit DD13 engine and an Allison EVS3000 automatic transmission. To fight fire, it has a Waterous CSU C20 single stage 2,000-gpm pump, and a 500-gallon UPF Poly Tank III water tank. Other equipment includes a Kussmaul auto-eject battery conditioner, LED compartment lighting, Trident air prime, Amdor shutters, saws, fans, tarps, forcible entry tools, swing out tool board, ladder tunnel, and a Hannay electric reel. It also has a rear-facing camera, 5-inch rear intake, slide-out tool trays, pinable waterway, short jacking capabilities, self bedding ladder, rope bag, Hurst extrication tools, DeWalt tools, high-rise pack, Mercury Quick Attack monitor, front discharge, Federal Q2B mechanical siren, a Whelen Power Call siren, and LED warning lights.
2012 Pierce Velocity pumper equipped with Detroit Series 60 DD13 engine, Allison 4000EVS automatic transmission, 1,500-gpm Waterous CSU pump, 1,000-gallon UPF Poly Tank IIE water tank, 20-kilowatt generator, Whelen LED warning lights and Havis-Shields quartz lights with Kwik-Raze.
2015 Stanley all-aluminum boat was designed from the ground up for shallow water ops near Atlantic City, NJ, for multi-purpose deployment.  It carries FLIR night-vision, multi-COMM, high-capacity pump and engine, enclosed wheelhouse, dive doors and diver rails at water level.  Large cargo capacity with davit for lifting, and wide drop-down bow gate for rescue and recovery ops.  Twin outboards.  Custom tri-axle trailer; and much, much more!

Marine 3
Rescue 1537
2006 American LaFrance Freightliner M2
Rescue pumper 4x4 stainless steel body
325hp Mercedes allison 5 spd
1500 gpm waterous pump
500gallon water 75 foam
hurst tools dual pumps
30kw generator

2006 Neotecric Hovercraft
2 Cylinder 2 stroke 35hp

Payload = 4 person, 600 lbs
Static Thrust = 160 lbs 65 hp engine
Forward Speed = 35 mph maximum recommended cruise
30- 45 mph mudflat, beach.
45 mph water
30 - 40 land, short grass.
40 - 50 mph smooth ice
30 - 45 firm ice

Hover II